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lmfao…words can’t explain.

Another super fun party. For as much “I don’t like country!” that went on the past few days, everyone had a BLAST and we even had a big discussion on southern foods that perked my appetite right up! Not to mention I’m dying for a moon pie now! :-p

Now, Cen’s blog has a hysterical retelling of the party tonight. Calista and Bettye also have pictures. And you can go to Levi’s Snapzilla page to see even more pics.

I even managed to catch a few! I gotta say, the newest release candidate viewer is excellent if it allowed me to DJ AND take pictures at the same time. LOL Unfortunately I didn’t catch any of the beginning of the party. Cen said she took tons, though. What I caught was about the last 5 minutes of the party…and then some of the insane afterparty that had me rolling on the floor laughing until I cried.

It was all good….
Viper Pit Ranch party

And then, ONIGOKKO!!

Yes, that is Darth Vader running.
Ranch Onigokko!

Kool Aid! Oh yeah!
Kool Aid Onigokko!


I…I can’t explain it. LMFAO

I felt SO bad for the couple of people who showed up as all this mess was going on. lmao I’m SORRY!!

After all of that, then a nice long time with my baby [although never long enough!], I feel better than I have in days. In fact, I think I’m going to sleep right now. 🙂

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