Anti-Social Fisher

After a brief moment of being caught in a mob scene at Simply Britnee [free hair. None of it was my taste or style, however.], I decided fishing would calm me down. However, I didn’t feel like leaving the skybox. I knew I could just go to the pit and fish and not be bothered but I really didn’t feel like running into anyone.


I’m pretty sure that’s anti-social behavior when you just drop a server and build a bowl for fishing for 10 minutes before getting bored and picking it all back up. lol

Does anyone know how to rid a car of dog smell? We traveled with my mom’s dog this week and I can just smell dog now in the car. I ran some baby wipes all over the upholstery to pick up all the fur and I vacuumed and used some air freshener, but I just smell dog. It’s probably only noticeable to me. But it’s still going to bother me.

I think I need a nap. Just a tiny one.


One thought on “Anti-Social Fisher

  1. Funny that you would say that about the Simply Britney hair. I clogged up my inventory with it but I don’t think I really care for it either. The few styles that I do like are going to have to take too much prim by prim editing for it to fit my head and I don’t think I want to waste my time on it.

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