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LOL, oops.

I was in the middle of writing this when Levi logged in, and I forgot about it. So excuse the very abrupt ending.

My tiny nap earlier lasted 4 hours. LOL Oops.

Cen and I got to hang out together tonight for the first time in ages. We hit up a dollarbie hunt at Haven Designs/Sanctum Hair [SLurl]. It’s one of those hover hunts, and it’s not huge, but we got some cool hair and a couple of skimpy outfits. Then we stood around wondering what to wear to the wedding tomorrow and we changed clothes in the store about 50,000 times. LOL

Our friend Hyde has a bar called the Roadrunner, and he has bullriding out there. He’d asked Cen if she’d go out there at 10 to pay the top 2 scorers on the bullriding. A bunch of us ended up going out there to ride the bull.

Guess who ended up winning by staying on that bull for a little over 60 seconds? That’s right. My thighs are STRONG. 😀

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