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I have a big smile. :)

Quick post because I’m going to bed soon. Yeah, I know, it’s almost 8am. :-p We’ve been busily working on our place, which included lots of trips to furniture stores and we’ve both basically realized that I am one picky picky picky girl. LMAO But luckily Levi is EXTREMELY patient with me or we probably would have ended up in some huge fight because I didn’t like the 50,000th couch of the night. LOL But we did find some beach furniture from The Loft and spent some time lounging on the beach together. It’s kind of funny because if we stop doing something, we end up forgetting about SL and just talking while we do other things on the internet. But we’re still right there, snuggling with each other. It’s really very nice.

[Btw, if anyone knows where we can find some furniture that is less modern and more farmhouse, please let me know!!!]

But we did do something tonight that I wasn’t expecting. And when he brought it up, I swear I got butterflies. 🙂

We got rings. 🙂

I'm giddy. :)

It’s just…I don’t know. I’ve been giggly and staring at our hands [well, my hand more] for hours. I’m SUCH a girl. 🙂

But I’m about to go to bed so I’ll wrap this up. 🙂

6 thoughts on “I have a big smile. :)

  1. Lovely! How much carat.. errr … prims are they? But they look great on the both of you. Best of luck with your futures! =)Vint(PS. _please_ turn anonymous commenting on. you do have captcha enabled, so spam should be no issue! this stopped me from commenting before, and I’m only commenting now to say ‘congratz!!!’)

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