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More shopping & decorating. :)

The weekend has officially come to an end tonight. It was a long weekend for a lot of people, so a long one for me by default. LOL It was an interesting one, that’s for sure. So many changes, moves, etc. But it was a wonderful one for me. I’m going to bed tonight feeling completely loved, and so happy. But I also go to bed with some worry. If you don’t read Cen’s blog or plurk, you are out of the loop. But I’m thinking of her and her dad right now, and they’ll definitely be in my prayers before I go to sleep.

So Levi and I had some time together tonight, but not as much as we’ve had all weekend. And as much time as we’ve spent together since he got back from his trip last week, when he logged out, I was kind of sad. Oh you know…you get used to things quickly when they’re good things. lol It’s just been that the past few days, we’re up talking and exploring and doing things all night until the early morning. I knew we would have to say goodnight early tonight, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. LOL

We’ve been working on our new land, and he built us a really lovely deck and pier. I’m going to set up my fishing on the pier and we have some chairs and pillows on the deck. It was really funny because he was building and I was making a table and we were both really quiet for a long time. Then he said “I can’t believe you’re just sitting there quietly.” LOL But I really was! I caught this picture while he was building. It makes me laugh because it looks like he’s touching my head. And yes, I am in the cushion. It’s not a 2 seater. :-p


We decided to put a kind of beach/mountain house out. I LOVE this house, and it was so fun going shopping with Levi. I will admit to being highly picky, but as I’m finding out, he and I really do have similar tastes in decorating. After we bought it, and some furniture, we ran back home and he set it all up.

Putting it down



It still needs some more decorations inside, and I want to retexture the green of the couches, but all in all I’m extremely happy with it. 🙂

After playing a few games by myself, and looking at one more furniture store, I think I’m ready for bed. 🙂

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