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The new gazebo

I really need to stop plurking. I did a plurk yesterday showing this off, and never blogged it. Of course, I’ve been kind of walking around in a fog the past couple of days, so maybe that’s not surprising.

Anyway, remember how I was in the process of building a gazebo for our hot tub, but I didn’t like what I’d built? Well, Aisuru IMed me and said that she’d like to build one for me. She had a new technique she wanted to try out, and this would give her the chance. Not being one to stand in the way of learning, I got way excited that I didn’t have to do it myself. lol Plus, she’s a great builder, so I knew whatever she’d come up with would be fabulous.

I was totally right! Yesterday she dropped the Moroccan Gazebo on me and it is just perfect, AND matches our beach furniture! Last night Levi and I thought and thought about where the perfect place would be to put it, and we decided that on a hill at the end of our land would be great, because we’d have nothing but a beautiful ocean view as we relaxed in the tub.

Setting it down.

The thin gauzy curtains are just so amazingly done. Don’t think I didn’t sit there and inspect and wonder “How the hell did she do that?” LOL We were looking at them wondering if they were alphas, but no, they’re not. It’s incredible.

We set about putting trees and plants down, and I’ll probably put even more down later to give it a more lush feeling. I also put down the standing candles that had been given out in a group gift from Sai’s store, Imperial Elegance. [Btw, she’s having a half off gift card sale right now! You MUST go get some cards, either for yourself or for gifts. Remember, there’s only 113 days until Christmas!] The candles are color change, which totally rocks. They go so well with it all.

It was lovely to have a very relaxing spot to spend time with my baby. So now please indulge me as I show more pictures. lol

Another gazebo shot

Our new garden gazebo

Relaxing in the gazebo

I’d suggest clicking on the pics to go see them in Flickr, since I’m pretty sure Blogspot is going to cut them off. And I did a lot of fancying up with them just to try out PhotoScape. I couldn’t figure out ALL of PhotoScape, but it has some lovely filters, as you can see. So I had to go between Photoshop and Photoscape to get what I wanted.

Big big big thank you to Aisuru for building that as a gift for us. We really love it!! Aisuru is the owner of Beloved Designs, and does some awesome sculpty work, so be sure you check out her store.

It’s time for me to get busy throwing some songs together before tonight’s party, so I guess I’ll wrap this up.

Oh, but before the night was over last night, we took a ride in this crazy skull balloon. LOL I knew there was one more thing I wanted to show.

That thing is freaky.

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