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Seeing Sam & the Jewelry Expo

Thank you all SO much for your kind words to my last post. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started that very same post and deleted it. But I figured with everyone talking about it, it was a good time to just throw it out there. 🙂 There ARE people with true SL addictions, but as far as my closer friends go, I know they’re ok. 🙂

Now… Guess what happened last night? I was standing around on my beach thinking of how to make a little Halloween area that doesn’t suck when the name “SaviorSam Caproni” popped up on my screen. I couldn’t believe it!!!!! I waited about…oh…45 seconds and IMed him. He’d gotten to use his buddy’s computer and it was just so awesome to talk to him again!!!! I spent the next few hours hanging out with Sam and the rest of the family that I don’t see much anymore. We even went to go drive cars and shoot things. Well, they shot things…I ended up getting shot. LOL! It was just so cool.

Sam came home for a bit!

I hit up the Jewelry Expo late late last night to pick up the gifts. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry in SL normally. I wear my rings that I never take off, but I tend to wear the same bracelets and necklaces or chokers whenever the need calls for jewelry. So to say that I didn’t know more than half the jewelers at the expo would be an understatement. LOL I haven’t gone all through my gifts folder yet, but I made it through about half and I have to say…quite unimpressed by the quality of the gifts. And you know how I am. If I am unimpressed by the gift, I think that it’s an example of the quality of the actual items for sale. I deleted a great deal of the gifts that I tried on. Putting a torus with some spheres linked to it around my neck does not mean it’s a necklace!! And even more disappointing than the quality of a lot of the gifts was the fact that they were gifts that have been in world for at least 6 months, if not more. At least show us what your new work is like, if you have refined your skills. If you give me what you gave me back in January, I’m going to assume that your skills have not improved any and therefore your new work is not any better.

There were some true gems, though. LOL! No pun intended. 🙂 The totally gorgeous Tiffany earrings from ~flirt~, the bottlecap earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai, the cute friendship bracelets from :+:Studio Sidhe:+:, the pumpkin earrings from Kat’s Meow, and the spider Halloween set from Star Kindler were all among my favorites that I grabbed last night. They’re stores that I’d definitely go check out again if I needed jewelry. I was sad not to see Alienbear or Muse there, since those are 2 of my favorite jewelry stores. But all in all, I picked up a few decent little items, and I’ll go back again to buy something where I’ve gotten decent gifts from.

I’m going out to dinner with my friend tonight, so I think laundry should be done today …. Oh wait! I already did laundry! WOOT! I swear I would kill for parts of my SL wardrobe to make its way into my RL closet. LOL Just the tshirts alone would be helpful. I can’t wait until it gets cold and I can pull out my sweaters again. My winter RL wardrobe is so much better than my summertime one. I think perhaps a bit of a shopping trip should be planned for this weekend. I hate RL shopping [unless it’s for books or lotion or lip gloss], but unfortunately my wardrobe is starting to reflect that. lol

/me clicks hard on her SL inventory. “Come HERE!”

4 thoughts on “Seeing Sam & the Jewelry Expo

  1. one of the Illusions gifts I thought was just incredible, it’s a teardrop shaped necklace scripted with a bunch of different stones. be sure to look at that one if you haven’t already.

  2. sorry that i have to leave a comment here.. im curious if u even got any of the ims i sent u over the past few days…. mmm kinda gave up contacting u in world….sorry just give me a reply kkz…not being rude or anything…

  3. I’m glad you got to see Sam Ali, that’s great!I think I’m gonna log in world and get to the jewelry expo myself, at least to check the Dark Mouse’s stall which is my fav jewelry store ^^

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