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A tiny Halloween hunt

I took a little time today to go do the Loco Pocos hunt that I’ve been hearing so much about. I’m glad that I did because it really put a smile on my face. It was probably one of the cutest things I’ve done in SL in a very long time.

Loco Pocos - So happy!

I’d never been to the Loco Pocos sim before. It’s mostly for tinies, and although I do enjoy dressing up as such on occasion, it’s a bit of a hassle for me to get redressed. lol But this was a hunt that you can do as a human. You go to the little Halloween neighborhood, hold your pumpkin, and start knocking on doors. Sometimes you get candy or baked goods, but other times…

Loco Pocos - Fire!

Loco Pocos - Spikes!!!!

Loco Pocos - Ghost!!

It’s random, but at some point you’ll knock on a door that gives you a key. And when you get the key, you go to the treasure chest in the town center. Click on the chest and you get 2 Loco Pocos avatars! 🙂

Loco Pocos - I got the key!

I haven’t put on the avatars yet, but I’ve seen pictures in some other blogs and they look wonderful.

I was only out there hunting for the key for about 10 minutes or so, but it was very fun. I tried to go and explore the rest of the sim when I was finished, but I was lagging a fair bit and actually ended up crashing. First time I’ve crashed in ages. lol

Anyway, head out there and have some fun. Yes, even you guys. You get a male & a female avatar, so it’s worth it. 🙂 And besides, sometimes someone else gets fire blown on them after knocking on the door, so that’s pretty cool. 🙂

Loco Pocos - Oh no, more fire!

Loco Pocos – SLurl

4 thoughts on “A tiny Halloween hunt

  1. Oh, I want to do this!! This is Loco Pocos? I heard so much about that sim for so long, I tried to go there once but all I found was a round store.. there was nothing else BUT the store.. maybe I TP’d to a wrong location? I was really disappointed though because I was under the impression that it was a full sim you could walk around in. Now I’m going to have to try that slurl this weekend and see where it takes me. How long is the hunt for?

  2. Hi Alicia, glad you had fun on the island!Nika, when you teleport into Loco Pocos Island if you look around at the landing spot there is information about the rest of the island that you can explore, check it out sometime! 😀

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