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Spring is BLOOMing!

I was lucky enough to meet ~flirt~ designer Skinkie Winkler last year when I fell in absolute love with one of her jewelry sets. I couldn’t believe someone who could do such awesome work would also be so nice! If I was that talented, I probably wouldn’t be. :-p I kid, I kid. I’ve also been lucky enough to have had Skinkie as one of my island neighbors for the past few months. Everytime I see her dot on my mini map, I always have to wonder what she’s working on!

That being said, let’s take a look at a couple of new sets from ~flirt~!

Bloom started out with just a pretty little ring. I had blogged it back in December and it was definitely one of my favorite rings to wear when I could. But now Skinkie has added much more to the set!

Review - ~flirt~ - Bloom, necklace & earrings

Review - ~flirt~ - Bloom, ring & bracelet

A gorgeous necklace, beautiful earrings, and a fabulous bracelet completes the Bloom look. Everything is delicate, which is something I absolutely appreciate in jewelry in both lives. Also, the jewelry comes with color changing scripts for the gem and the metal, so you can easily mix and match to your wardrobe. And you will definitely want to, because these can be worn with a casual outfit like jeans and a tank top, or with a formal gown.

The Bloom set comes with a necklace, dangling and stud earrings [the stud earrings not shown here], bracelet, and ring. For this weekend only, the set is ONLY $1000L!!! You must must must go pick it up before the price goes back to its normal price, which I believe is $1500L. If you bought everything separately, it would run you $2150L. Although it is worth every single $L of that, it’s more fun to get a deal!

For those of you who aren’t really into the dangling jewelry, or like something a little bit thicker, Skinkie has come out with the Tiny Bloom set!

Review - ~flirt~ - Tiny Bloom

The Tiny Bloom set consists of a metal choker, a wider bracelet, and adorable stud earrings. I really like the way the set is both delicate and heavy. It also has the texture change options so you can get just the right look for all your outfits.

The set is on sale this weekend only for just $500L and after that will be increasing to its normal price, so go pick it up fast! I’ve been wearing the bracelet with jeans since last night and it’s just absolutely perfect.

The Bloom sets are also in a special pink color just for Relay For Life at Skinkie’s store, so you might want to pick those up, too. 🙂

Thank you, Skinkie, for allowing me to review your wonderful items!!

~flirt~ mainstore
~flirt~ blog

Other items worn in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Hair: Tyra in Platinum by ETD
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by Cake
Outfit: Little Karma by Ornamental Life [50% sale going on right now!]
Poses by Imperial Elegance

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