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Midnight Mania & Lucky Boards at Belle Belle!

Belle Belle is a furniture store that I became aware of back in February, but hadn’t really had the opportunity to purchase anything because I wasn’t in need of furniture at the time. But I always remembered it and would visit from time to time when I was sick of shopping for clothes or hair. [It happens!]

I was very excited to learn of the new Midnight Mania and Lucky Board at Belle Belle! I’m really getting into the Midnight Mania thing lately! [If you don’t know what it is, you go to a store with an MM board, click it to get registered, and at midnight if the quota of registrations have been met, everyone who got in on it gets the prize delivered to them. It’s fun!]

Belle Belle is offering their Luna living room set in the Midnight Mania board currently, but only one piece at a time. This week is the cutie Luna coffee table with the bowl of floating candles & flowers.

Review - Belle Belle - Luna coffee table

Review - Belle Belle - table bowl

The bowl is more rounded, SL wasn’t letting me get close without it looking a bit angled. 🙂

I really love this table! I’m actually having a house custom built for me right now, and I think I might have to choose colors that will fit this set because it is just so so nice. The daily quota of signups on the MM board is 100, so if you want it, make sure you get in on it at some point this week, and tell your friends! If you miss it, you can buy it for $75L. Next week the table will be taken out and the Luna chair of the set put in.

Speaking of chairs, in the lucky board is this very awesome couples’ cuddle chair called “A Quiet Time.” Don’t get excited, that’s just the boy Alicia that I use for poseball setting. :-p But for those of you who actually have someone to cuddle with, you’ll love it!

Review - Belle Belle - A Quiet Moment chair

Review - Belle Belle - A Quiet Moment couples chair

The chair is a little primmy at 44 prims, but it is so worth it. It’s just adorable!! It even rocks back and forth. This is a lucky board exclusive, so you won’t be able to buy it. The lucky boards [there are 2 with the same item] run for 30 minutes.

I think I may have to go back to Belle Belle and see what else I can buy buy!

Belle Belle mainstore – SLurl

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