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Changes are everywhere

So many changes going on lately. Good ones, but it’s like I’m just going in circles most of the time flitting from this to that and not really getting all that much done. If I could just stick to one particular area and work on it all at once, it would go much more smoothly. Logically, I know this. But I flit.

The plans for the WTFug headquarters are fully underway. The space has been rented and I’m setting up things in there – slowly, but it’s happening. I even have 3 people already interested in the ad boards. A few of us headed out there tonight just so people could see where we’ll be.


If I can just get my butt in gear, we can start having fun in there. But the funniest part is that directly across from our location, there’s a kiosk that sells “body sushi” sets. It’s fitting. :-p

When I’m not thinking about that, I’m thinking about my new home. I’m not blogging it yet, but it’s so amazing. It’s the first house I’ve ever owned in SL that is absolutely and completely mine, and I want it to be furnished in my own style. But, much like in RL, I’m not exactly sure what MY furniture style is in SL. I’ve been collecting landmarks from friends who shop for furniture way more than I ever do, and I’ve hit up a few places.

One place I definitely wanted to go was Instinct, because I have that gorgeous bed from the … Ghost hunt? I think it was the Ghost Hunt. But I thought that there must be matching furniture there for the bed. And there was. But I just couldn’t force myself to pay over $400L for a single nightstand. I can buy hair with that! I mean, it was a nice nightstand. It was. But goodness. I can’t pay that much when I don’t even know if that’s the set I really want to keep. I’ll drop that much on an outfit I want, or shoes, or hair, and not think about it. But not a nightstand.

So I did what anyone with slight building skills would do. I went home and made my own.

New nightstand I made

I know, it’s not awesome. But it does have a shadow underneath, so uh, way to go me on that.

I need to get in bed so I can be fresh for Aisu’s grand opening party tomorrow. I’ll be DJing from 1-3pm SLT, and DJ Tristan Micheline will be taking over at 3, so it should be a pretty good party. 🙂 And then I WILL get something done. HQ, a room in the house, something. That’s the goal. Goodnight!!

Starting decorating

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