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Beloved Party Pics!

Yesterday we helped Aisuru celebrate the opening of the new mainstore location for Beloved Custom Designs, her very awesome store. It was a GREAT party with lots of people and fun! I took about a bazillion pictures, which now I will share with you and if I overload your blog readers or whatever…yeah, sorry about that. 😀

The gorgeous designer herself.

Beloved Party - Aisuru

Pumpkin doing the Bone dance.

Beloved Party - Pumpkin

Eva & Tristan, who took over the airwaves at 3. Sorry Eva, your pants looked off to me the whole time.

Beloved Party - Eva, Tristan

Autumn & Haver. Haver brought a lunch bag with snacks!

Beloved Party - Autumn & Haver

Sehra, in a rare moment not on the floor. ❤ And her partner Bone boppin' around behind her.

Beloved Party - Sehra

Oh hey, it’s me!

Beloved Party - Me

The always cute Nikki!

Beloved Party - Nikki

Emerald, Jon, and Elizabeth trying to pretend they don’t know us. LOL

Beloved Party - Emerald, Jon, Elizabeth

The always fierce Sophia, rocking the hell out of those pink pants that I couldn’t figure out what to wear with.

Beloved Party - Sophia

Laleeta, who has been wearing a very different look these days!

Beloved Party - Laleeta & Sehra

The cutie Katat0nik who just celebrated her one year anniversary of her store in SL.

Beloved Party - Katat0nik

A group shot I managed to get in. It was sometimes much more crowded than this. Look at all the amazing trees! Aisu made those!

Beloved Party

Get yourselves over to Beloved to pick up your own fantastic fairy tale-like trees and other items. The sparkle grass and mystic grass are two of my favorite things for making any garden just so special! And also pick up some freebies, get in on the subscribo to keep updated, and try your hand at the lucky cupcake. According to Aisu, there will be custom fish in the 7 Seas fishing spot soon! 😀

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