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Discovering Belle Belle BBQ

Two Belle Belle posts in a row? You betcha!!

So a few days ago when I was at the store looking for furniture for my new house, I noticed a big sign announcing another hunt. I groaned, because frankly I’m just hunted OUT and almost prefer to shop in stores that don’t do them anymore. But Belle Belle actually had the upcoming hunt gift set up for show. I squealed because it was in fact exactly – EXACTLY – what I wanted for my new home in the patio area. And then I cried because this meant I’d have to come hunting. But luckily for me, the super awesome Leyla Firefly dropped the gift on me to review. I did a dance through plurk and then set it all up outside.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt gift

This fantastic BBQ area is just so so perfect for summer. The primmiest part is the actual BBQ grill, coming in at 82 prims. But I love it!! There is also a pose and some BBQ tongs so you can grill up some goodies.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt - BBQ

I think my favorite thing is the table. You and 5 of your friends can sit down, have a cold Coke [my fave!], or eat your yumminess. If you click on the Coke bottle, you get a glass. If you click on the placemats, you get a knife and fork, and click on the BBQ sauce bottle to have your food delivered in front of you. Amazing! I am a SUCKER for prim food.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt - Eating

A closer shot of the food.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt - Food

The Discovery Hunt starts this Friday and goes until the end of June. Why so long? Because it’s massive. Like, beyond massive. But since this was the only store I really wanted to get the gift from, I’m done. 🙂 Thanks Leyla, you’re awesome!!!

Other items in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Candy by Free Speerit
Hair: Love Story in Harlow by Exile
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by Lelutka
Feet: Bamboo Barefeet by SLink
Top: Henley Tank in Baby Blue by SecondWave Apparel
Shorts: Booty shorts in light blue by League
Pose by Imperial Elegance

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