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No pretty pics for this post

So a few months ago, after bitching and moaning about my water being black and the whole palletized textures debacle, I got a fancy pants new video card. And man, was I in heaven. Lag was so so so LOW. Everything was smooth and beautiful. My SL experience was instantly more awesome. And it hadn’t been that bad before, but I’m telling you – if you have a lot of issues in SL, look and see what you’re running. Chances are, some of your issues are because of you. [Well hell, that could be said for almost anything, huh?]

About a month into my awesomeness, I turned on my computer one morning and it started to make noises at me. Immediately I shut it off, and on restart, no more noise. It went like that for a couple of days and then I figured, oh, maybe the fans are dirty. It happens, right? So I got in there and used the spray air and cleaned everything.


My RLBF, who is my tech geek, said that it was the video card fan and it would probably need replacing because eventually, it was going to die. After attempting to contact the company a few times [this is why I hate buying online. The customer service is almost always crap.], and getting no response, we just kind of…left it. Restarting or smacking the front of the computer always seemed to fix it. But as time went on, I noticed more and more issues. I just chose not to do anything because I know flip about hardware and he didn’t seem that concerned.

This morning the damn thing wouldn’t fix. It was time to put it to pasture. RLBF called the company [why he didn’t do that ages ago, I don’t know] and the guy said he’d email the replacement forms. So now I wait.

But while I wait, I’m working off the … default? I don’t know. LOL All I know is that I’m semi-housebound while I wait for the new card. All the settings have been moved to the lowest, except for local lighting. But it’s still not good. And my WTFug pic taking will probably be put on hold until I get fixed up, unless it’s glaringly bad, since I’ve turned off particles and won’t see bling. Speaking of which, who the hell told Paper Couture to put bling in their shoes and no option to turn it off?! I felt so so so bad for Sophia when she put on her shoes and was blinging like a Vegas hooker. Her feet looked so sad.

Hopefully I’ll be able to be in SL and DJ this week, since I’ve got 2 parties this week to do. I guess we’ll see. 🙂

I’ve had this song on repeat for a few days. Enjoy!

One thought on “No pretty pics for this post

  1. A. Remember you’ve always got some willing photographers to swoop in and snap a train wreck.

    B. Get a Mac next time.
    No RLBF tech support required.

    C. *pretends he didn’t LOL at your description of Sophia’s blingy shoes*

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