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Love Thursday

This Love Thursday post is without pictures, but hopefully I get my point across without them.

This is dedicated to the men in my life. I’ve done countless posts about the women that grace my life. They are my jewels and my flowers, my strength and my inspiration. But so often the men get overlooked, or at the very least, they don’t get as much blog time. They are the foundation, the ones who support and encourage so often from the sidelines while letting us shine.

I’ve been unbelievably blessed to have some amazing men in my life, both in the physical world and in Second Life. My father, who still works a long long day at almost 71 [71 on Monday, actually], so that he can make sure that I have anything I’ve ever wanted. My RLBF, who even though our relationship is not your typical romantic thing and he annoys me to death 95% of the time, has been there for me and taken care of me through some of the worst times of my life. He is the one who has literally picked me up off the floor when I thought I would die. My two “best gays,” the ones who have been with me since high school, the bravest men I know. They came out to me in such a way that was gentle and kind, letting me know that although they had both tried to be with me in a romantic sense, I was in no way at fault for “turning” them.

And my male friends in SL. Where would I be without them? It is not a secret that over the past year, I had pushed so many away. To my surprise, some would not let themselves be pushed. They waited, quietly supporting me, willing to be there in whatever capacity I wanted them. They are the ones who accepted my apologies without question, told me that they were unnecessary [they are necessary], and took me back without judgment. Some did not, and I do not blame them. They are equally important as they have taught me a life lesson that I believed I learned as a teen, and somehow forgot along the way.

The men in my SLife are amazing, brilliant, funny, talented, sometimes without filter but never cruel, and loving. They are the kind of men that your mother always told you that you should meet. I love each of them in their own unique way, and I would never change a thing about any of them. Some I have known for long time, some have recently worked their way into my life, but I appreciate and cherish each one for being exactly who he is.

So there you have it, my Love Thursday post, complete with tears because I am a girly girl. Not that they would have it any other way.

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