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Chicken Update

Ok, I’m going to bed after a pretty good night [made better by a snuggle from someone I was missing!] but I wanted to do a chicken update.

My eggs came to me early, around 5ish, and I know for a fact that there had only been 56 people on the board because I had JUST come from the chicken place. But I’m not complaining because I so wanted my chickens! I made a little pen for them, since Nikki said her chickens kept trying to drown themselves and I sure didn’t need them going overboard and falling down on the beach. Supposedly if you put them back in your inventory, they die because the weight of your inventory crushes them to death. I know, right? :-p So I made a pen, set my eggs out and waited.

And waited.


About 2 hours later…


Baby chicken!!

I ended up with 2 girl chickens, which I named Sophia & Pumpkin. I figure if I name them after those 2, I’ll be less likely to kill them. Um, kill the chickens. Not the girls. :-p Of course, if the chickens do die, I’ll feel really bad.

They are very cute, and run around the pen trying to get out when they’re not sleeping.

Sleepy chick

If you didn’t know, you have to buy food to feed the chickens. If you don’t feed them, they die. I bought a food set on Xstreet for $240L and it came with 4 dishes of food. I gave one to Soph so her chicken, which is named after me, won’t die. Of course, her chicken is a rooster. Do you still call a rooster a chicken? A hen is a female chicken, right? Or… oh, hell, I’m such a city girl. I don’t know jack about chickens.

But I do know these 2 chickens of mine need to eat more. They’re always hungry, but only one has eaten a bite. If I log in tomorrow and their anorexic asses are keeled over in the pen, I’m going to be mad.


Thank god I don’t have to feed the kitten or she’ll die. She’d have been dead a long time ago.

Oh, but you do have to bathe the cat. For a couple of days I’d logged in and wondered why she was no longer bright. Then I bathed her. Ohhhh.

Yeah. On second thought…maybe I shouldn’t be a prim pet mom. I don’t seem to be that good at it. Thankfully I’m not into prim babies, or you’d see my baby crawling on the beach after falling off the sky platform, diaper full, half starved, while I sat up in the skybox admiring new shoes and wondering where the baby had run off to.

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