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Anti-Inspection Gear

Wonderful Tuesday. πŸ™‚ I am waiting on someone to get back to the computer, so I figured I’d blog while I waited.

So did you guys see Aisuru’s post about anti-inspection measures being taken by an avatar who really, honestly, although she was cute, her look wasn’t so awesomely unique that she needed to HIDE it. Plus, most of us who know somewhat about fashion already knew where she got half her items. So…way to go?

That led to this stupid item for sale on XStreet. Really? People are honest to god buying this? I can slap some transparent prims on myself for free. Supposedly it sends you an IM saying who clicked you, but only if you’ve been left clicked. And who left clicks when inspecting??

I have, as many of my friends have, found loads of stores by inspecting prims. That girl Aisuru caught…I *might* have liked her shoes and I may not have known where she got them from. Although I’m absolutely awesome with a camera, I probably wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of finding out where she got them, therefore I may never have found the store, and so the store owner wouldn’t get my $L. And when I wear something cute, usually my friends want to know where it came from, because that’s what we do with each other, and so there’s more money that the creator is not getting. Do you see how that ends up working?

Anyway, so as stupid as I find that item, some of the girls were at a store earlier and the store’s owners were there also wearing anti-inspection devices – even though they were wearing their own creations. What the HELL? How idiotic do you have to be?? It’s your own stuff, it’s in your store, you WANT people to have that look, right? Or am I just completely wrong?

Of course, we laughed about it and how we didn’t want anyone to steal OUR look either, so….

Anti-Inpection Gear

That’s right! The Anti-Inspection Gear will keep your fabulous fashionista look a secret! No one will know your soopa speshul soopa sekrit pants are from Armidi! There’s a transparent prim over the face hole too, just to keep those fashion burglars from trying to figure out where your lashes are from.

You can pick yours up at WTFug HQ for free, because there just can’t be a price on protection.

8 thoughts on “Anti-Inspection Gear

  1. omg lol, I love this thing. So let me get this straight… content creators were wearing one of those anti-inspection things-while wearing their own creations, in their own store??? ths is the biggest WTF I think I’ve ever heard. Oh My God people, if you have a store and make cute clothes you are your own best advertisement! *headdesk*

  2. lol – we talked about the very same thing the other day.

    Inspecting is exactly how I get my shopping leads. I’ve found many a new designer from it and I’m not gonna stop.

    Also, in Highlight Transparent, its a way of finding out WTF is poking out of someones clothes. ROFL

    Natasha – if you see a prim you like (such as a cool skirt or shoes), right-click and choose ‘inspect’ – you can find out the creator and look at their profile to find a store. Easy peasy.

  3. WTF poking out is right. I don’t dance with anyone who has a little buddy on transparent too gross, don’t want it poking me πŸ˜›


  4. Aisu to explain the whole story. We were at a store with some girls and two people had an anti-inspect on that was spamming local chat every time someone touched them.

    We cammed around to see who was being so annoying and not only did we find out that:
    1) They were the store owners.
    2) They were wearing their own stuff!!

    I mean what the hell? You don’t want people to actually find your own products? Granted they were standing in their own store but that’s still just plain dumb! Plus when we first saw the local chat spamming and I made a remark about it one of them actually walked up to us and tried to start something…

    *facepalms over it all*

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