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Insomniac Blogging

I so should be in bed, but I’m not feeling so hot tonight. So…might as well blog. 🙂

My video card made it in! As my friends could tell you, it took me less than 10 minutes to get the package, log out, shut down the computer, install it, and run back in world. Oh so happy. Everything and everyone was just so much prettier. No more 3 FPS for this girl.

Noel convinced me that I had to give Kirsten’s shadow viewer a try, at least for photos. I will admit, it’s some cool stuff. Unfortunately the viewer doesn’t seem to like me very much, even if the shadows are off, so it will be something I simply use for pictures and not for everyday use. We did a small photoshoot tonight and while I’m still sorting through some pictures I took, I stumbled on this one and liked it. It’s not fancy, but for some reason it just spoke to me.

Where are you taking me?

I guess I should get in bed. I have a big review to do photos of when I get up, and I’ve actually been hired to do a tutorial. I know, someone’s actually going to pay me to tell people what to do. 🙂 Plus the hump day party is Disco, Baby! and I need to put together a party room and get an outfit together. The disco theme was requested by a few people the past couple of weeks, but it kind of means a little more to me this week for personal reasons.


One thought on “Insomniac Blogging

  1. Now if only someone could come up with a way to make Second Life not melt the internal workings of our computer.

    For that I would be eternally grateful!

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