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The perfect day

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So I asked the question, “What would your perfect SL day be like?” That really got me thinking to what my perfect day would be like.

I’d wake up and check my email to find a note that says “Your tier has been paid anonymously.” Wouldn’t that be nice?! In fact, it’s been paid for 3 months, that way I can give my renters a break too.

Then I would log in and magically, I have more money! And this is a good thing, since all of my favorite stores are having sales. Loads and loads of sales, and because they love me sooooo much, they close their sims for a few minutes so I can shop by myself. [I’m quick. I never spend more than 10 minutes in any store as long as it rezzes fast, and being that this is my perfect day, everything rezzes fast.]

There would be loads of time during the day, so I could blog all the things I needed to blog, complete with pictures. I feel like I never have enough time.

There would also be time to spend with my favorites. Running around, laughing, dancing and having lots of fun. We’d laugh until we cried! Not that that doesn’t happen now, but not as often anymore, which is a shame.

The final hours of my day would be spent wrapped up in someone special’s arms. šŸ™‚

And that would be my perfect day.

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