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If you are looking for the BBBC sign up post, click here. If you’re looking for the topic for Tuesday, it’s right here.


I’ve been kicking around an idea in my head for some time, but haven’t gone through with it because I didn’t want people to think I was getting too big for my britches [a phrase that still cracks me up] or that I’m just trying to make myself be something I’m obviously not. But you see, I’ve been doing reviews for a while now, and tutorials here and there, and I’ve been asked more and more lately to do these things. I love to do them, I really do. I don’t think I’m exceptionally great at them, but love to do them. But although I have a fairly modest readership [average is about 300 hits per day on a regular week], I’ve always felt a little “off” about not having these wonderful things on any of the feeds. I think that does a bit of disservice to those who are sweet enough to actually want me to blog their items, and to those whose items I blog just because I bought them and like them. Plus, I feel it takes away from the more personal side of my blog. Does that make sense? I don’t blog about just everyday stuff or thoughts or whatever as much as I did because I feel like I can’t because I have a review to do. Oh, and sometimes I want to find a particular thing I did and then I can’t because it’s been surrounded by 20 other posts. LOL That’s a bad thing too.

So in the interest of keeping everything together, maybe getting on a fashiony type feed [which I don’t believe I should do with this blog simply because not all my posts are review posts], I’ve decided to start a separate blog just for reviews. An extension of this blog, if you want to call it that. I’ll still be doing the same kind of posts I do now, there’s no reason to change that. I’ll still be reviewing everything from hair to furniture to random junk I just like. It’s really more just for me to keep stuff together, and to feel like this blog is a place where I can just ramble as much as I used to. I have the blog started already, but I’m trying to post all my old reviews to it first – or at least the ones I’ve done this year. I have 3 new reviews to pop up there and that’s when I’ll give people the link. 🙂 I’m actually feeling really good about this decision.

In other news… I adopted a kitten from our local animal shelter yesterday. 🙂 [Um, physical world, not SL.] Her name is Holly and she’s adorable. If you’re on my plurk list, you’ve probably seen her picture already. She’s about as sweet as can be, funny and playful, and has no respect for your personal space. So if I’m distracted in SL these days, there’s a good chance there’s a tiny kitten trying to stick her head in my mouth.

I’m off now to go see how much updating the party ball needs. Because tomorrow…. PARTY!!!!

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