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Blah blah blah. LOL

I should be working on a couple of review posts for my new review blog, but I’m tired. My first review post showed up on Avanista today, which was REALLY weird to me for some reason. We’ve had WTFug on the feed there since it started, so it’s not like I’ve never see a post of mine on a feed before, but it was more like, “Oh, hey, look at me reviewing something like I know what I’m talking about…” LOL

Oh, I haven’t done a chicken update in a while. Umm…well, there have been some deaths, some adoptions [not me adopting, others adopting mine], and some births. Duncan, the black chicken of death, grew to breeding age and killed one rooster, and then killed Pollos Rylan & Pumpkin. I guess they couldn’t handle him? But Pollo Sehra, who was recently revived from an accidental starvation, has now had 4 babies from Duncan. Unfortunately, they were all Originals, much to my dismay. Nikki and Al had run away to the beach and have been living in a pen with Randy, and now Nikki’s popping out babies like mad. One of her babies met a sad death when I was on the beach shooting an exploding trailer and it got caught in the fire. Oops. Yeah, I guess I’m almost kinda over the whole chicken thing, but not over enough to just give them all away or let them wander into the ocean.

I really didn’t plan anything for a hump day party this week. My new kitten, Holly, goes in for her spaying in the morning [we have to be there in 5 hours, actually], and I have a feeling I’m going to be spending most of the evening making sure she’s ok. She’s barely 3 months old so she’s going to be seen by the baby surgeon. My poor little girl. She’s sleeping half on the keyboard and half on my hand right now, making typing pretty hard.

But, I am DJing the SL Bloggers party this coming weekend. I’m really excited about that!! I’m torn between trying to put together a playlist or doing what I do best and winging it. LOL

Ok, since I do have to be up in about 4 hours to get Holly ready to go, I guess I should get in bed. I was trying to put the pictures together for a Belle Belle review I’m doing and I thought this one was cute, so I had to doctor it up more. Noel had to pose with me for the review because I made him. 😉 The review pics won’t be this photoshopped up because I hate when people do that, but here I can play. 🙂 Goodnight all.

Cute Secrets

One thought on “Blah blah blah. LOL

  1. That is such a cute picture! I will have to see how it comes out on the review blog too. Belle Belle has such adorable stuff. I really appreciate the fact that you do not doctor up pics on reviews – you give the information the reader needs to make their own conclusions.

    I am super excited to listen to you DJ this Saturday!

    I'll be sending get well soon thoughts to your kitten.

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