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I just can’t come up with a title tonight.

I feel like I’ve been blogging all day. LOL I did 2 posts for my review blog and one post for WTFug. Now I can finally come in here and write.

I gotta say, I am really loving having a review blog now. It feels like I can come in here and just write again the way I used to. It makes me want to write more, actually. That may or may not be a good thing. 🙂

Oh, so for those of you who asked, my little kitten came through surgery just fine. A couple of hours after I got her home, she was very ready to come out of her carrier and was starving to death. But I’ve only been giving her little bits of food every few hours. Tomorrow she can resume normal feeding, but we still have to watch how playful she is for a week, which is not easy because even though she’s been unsteady on her feet, she’s been happy and playful as ever.

I finally made my way into Hair Fair today. It took me about 14 tries before I managed to get into a sim that wasn’t full, but then I couldn’t move. What is the use of having this massive busy build if people are having to put down their graphics settings just to be able to walk or rez anything? And don’t tell me it’s my computer. My video card is amazing and my computer is pretty powerful. I’ve had no issues at all since getting the video card replaced. I spent about 30 minutes at Hair Fair trying in vain to get things to rez so I could even see demos [I bought several demos sight unseen from different vendors because I figured I might as well]. I ended up slamming my graphics down to the very lowest setting and turned off things like the sky and the ground. I managed to be able to rez a littttle bit faster after that. But then right before I crashed, my graphics exploded and went crazy all over the screen.

Needless to say, my Hair Fair experience has been crap. :-p Oh well… I did manage to see half of a sim and grab the demos for the 2 stores I really wanted to see. Thank god they were on the same sim or I would have been totally screwed. Unfortunately none of them looked good on me, but maybe I was just totally against hair at that point. LOL

I’m exhausted, so I think it’s just about bedtime.

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