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Phone Hunt

I’m up so late. Or really early, depending on how you look at it. LOL

So Monday night, Sophia and I were IMing and we decided we wanted cell phones. In SL. Yes, shut up. We really wanted ones that would have us texting. Ages ago at a store, I saw a girl with a Blackberry style one and she was just texting away. It was unbelievably cute and had the store not been lagged out like crazy, I would have inspected it to see where she got it. But since I didn’t, we were out of luck, so we had to start on our hunt for a phone.

But then she IMed me and said “There’s hair.” Usually when she says that, it’s new hair to buy. Not this time.

Floating hair

It was just hair. We were quite distressed that some poor girl would be walking around bald. But then we were more distressed when we realized it was a guy’s wig and that he was a big liar because it said he owned a furniture store and he so didn’t. We really did try to be nice and tell him he lost his wig. But we’re just 2 girls. There’s not much we could do.

Eventually, after a couple of stops and being joined by Soph’s husband Skyhawke, we ended up at RC Cluster. That is seriously one of my FAVORITE stores in SL, even if I don’t usually buy anything. It’s just so much fun!

We ended up buying a couple of phones, but you have to switch out phones when you want to talk or text, and there’s a HUD if you want to take a picture. I took one of Soph, but looking at it in Photoshop, her lips are unrezzed, so sorry, you don’t get to see it. But the phone is cute enough.

Cell phones

Um, Sky’s hat never really rezzed all the way for me, I guess. Because he’s not part bald. I promise.

Anyway, if anyone can help us find an awesome phone that will text while we type, not disappear on our hand, and is super cute, we’d be much appreciative.

The party for Wednesday is 80s Night, so I have to finish setting up the skating rink and put together a playlist. But…later. Right now, I really think I’m ready to sleep.

3 thoughts on “Phone Hunt

  1. Wow! I love the rollerskates you girls are wearing!! WHere did you get them? THey are so much nicer than the old yucky ones I have!

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