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Oh that does NOT match!

A few months ago I got a blog idea and signed up on Avmatch. That’s a dating site for SL avatars, like I threw a profile together, saying everything I’d want in a guy in SL. It was pretty harsh, actually, but I didn’t really intend on meeting anyone off of there, so I didn’t really care. But then I started dating someone and kind of forgot about the whole thing. That, and most of the profiles were pretty horrible.

Yesterday I was on Plurk and bored, so I decided to go back over to Avmatch and see if anyone would bother writing me. About 30 seconds after I’d made my profile public, I got a note telling me I had a nice av. Wow. Thanks. I quickly went back into private.

The people on Avmatch fall into a few categories. The ones looking for SL only, the ones looking for RL too, the ones who look like hell, the ones just looking for SLex, and the ones who are really pretty.

Unfortunately, the really pretty ones are few and far between.

Most men look like this.


They’re almost always topless in at LEAST one photo, almost always covered in ink, and almost always have no idea how to type/spell/use punctuation/write a good sentence.

Of course, sometimes they attempt to lure you in with crappy emoting. I am a woman who loves someone who can emote well, so when I see this mess, I laugh and laugh and laugh.

And oh yes, he’s topless, of course.


The women aren’t usually much better. They will, however, usually use a “professional” photo. Notice I just said professional, I didn’t say good. But most of them try wear their “smexy” outfits and freebie poses from 2005.


Like the men, a lot of the women can’t write. But they’ll try to tell you what a wonderful person they are, or how badly they’ve been treated in the past. Why it would be a turn on to know that someone can’t keep a man, I’m sure I have no idea. One of the top things that any self help book tells women about dating is that on the first date, DON’T bring up all the crap from your past relationships. It’s boring, the guy doesn’t want to hear it, and it usually makes you look pathetic. Save it for the second date. But the women on Avmatch don’t seem to mind, because they’ll tell you right away.

And oh yes, they’re almost always “drama free.” However, not bling free.


I’m sure that matches are made on Avmatch. In fact, I know at least one couple who met on there and are happily partnered now, so it’s definitely not a bad thing. But it’s definitely not something I think I’ll be using in the future except for comedy purposes.

If I don’t get banned from there for writing this post, anyway. 🙂

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