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Well. That was a Monday, now wasn’t it?

Ever just have one of those days?


Something that was a long time coming happened finally today. Even when you know something will eventually happen, it really kind of sucks when it does. Sucks more when you find out certain things. 😦 So needless to say, I was in a really unhappy, un-zen, overly emotional state today.

But luckily, my SLife is pretty blessed. I went and did a shift of being an in-store model at SySy’s with Emerald. We learned that not only are we pretty, but we are terrific salespeople. LOL I would have taken a picture, but unfortunately I’ve been having issues and Em’s feet looked darker than her legs and I just couldn’t do that to her.

Once in a while my friend Bon pops up out of nowhere with landmarks for places that I can go explore, but this time he popped up with a landmark to a store that was having a sale. Since I am more apt to spend money when I’m upset, I ran out there. I was surprised that I had actually been there before. I ended up buying a castle. C’mon, it was on sale! And fabulous! I actually really really like it. I will probably never use it, but I have it. I’m going to blog it for my style blog tomorrow, along with a pack of skins I picked up. But here, you all get one photo of the skin with a little photoshop work. You’ll see the unedited ones tomorrow. Believe me, it didn’t need much touching up at ALL. It’s so pretty.


I’ve been setting up a little outdoor ice cream place because…. well, I don’t know. I have the ice cream set and I wanted to do something with it. lol Sophia, Sehra, and Bone stopped over for ice cream. And yes, that is me doing the keg stand. What?! It was a tough day!

Keg stand!

Sehra & Bone stop for ice cream

Yeah baby!

Zombies like ice cream...

So really, even though most of the day was not awesome, I still consider myself pretty lucky. I’m hoping when I wake up in the morning, I can shake off the bad and just go back to concentrating on all the good that is in my SLife. 🙂

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