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You found me by looking for THAT?

So I’ve decided I’m going to try – TRY – to do a post a day every day in September. Not that I think I have much to say, but hey, you never know. 🙂

After Emerald’s look at her Google Analytics yesterday, I thought I better look at mine. I don’t very often these days. But my readership is down 3%!! How can this be?! LOL! Well, ok, I know why. I don’t post much lately AND people don’t read as much during the summer because they’re not always home with the computer. So I really need to think of how to get my 3% back up. What would do it? Ooba-Dramah? Naked photos? [Not of me, but of other people probably.] I just don’t know. I figured if I see what people are hunting for, maybe if I write about those subjects, I’ll gain back my 3%.

1. alicia chenaux blog

Well, that’s easy enough. Hi, I’m Alicia Chenaux, and this is my blog.

2. freenis

Oh, I don’t like Freenis, except when used for comedic purposes. If you have a freenis, please do not expect to get SLex from a girl who looks better than this.

3. “lotus cock””what happened”

Um…ok. Ok, the Lotus Cock in SL is pretty fine looking. It is much better than Freenis. What happened to it, I couldn’t tell you. After all, I don’t know what the problem is. So maybe if you show me your Lotus, I can tell you what happened.

[I’m about to get a lot of cock pictures, huh? Nevermind.]

4. 39 weeks cant sleep

I’m pretty sure you’d be dead by now. In May 2007 a British man named Tony Wright stayed awake for 266 hours, just a little more than 11 days. If you can’t sleep by the 3rd week… see a doctor, not me. Unless you’re reading my blog to get bored to sleep. Hey, I’m better than Ambien!

5. freenis and sex

Honey, no.

6. nipple cutting girl

What the… No, ok? Don’t cut your nipples! That’s bad!

7. sioncorn cheat sheets

I do not raise Sion Corn. I do not raise Sion Chickens any longer. If there was a cheat sheet to raising corn, I would give it to my friends who have corn, but I wouldn’t post it on my blog because I’m pretty sure Sion Zaius would use some of his chicken money, hire a hitman, and take me out. It’s just not worth it.


Why would you search for that when you HAVE the URL? I just don’t understand the world today….

There were loads more, mostly looking for sleep and ass. I don’t really intend on talking about butts any more than I already do, so I guess if I get my 3% readership back, they will just have to be happy with reading about random stuff that isn’t always butt related.

However, I may have to look more into what happened to the Lotus Cock. Because, you know, that sounds interesting.

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