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Are you ready for some football?!

I just wrote the bitchiest blog post of my blogging life. And uh, no, you can’t see it. Let’s just say, I’m glad I wrote it before I plurked it, because holy cow. And no, it wasn’t about anyone specific, just a group as a whole. Not my group, of course, because they’re fabulous. 🙂 But wow. I didn’t realize I was in such a bad mood today.

So… let’s get to some pictures!

The cheery Tymmerie asked earlier if anyone would be interested in posing with her in college cheer uniforms for a picture. I do love college football, and I love cheerleader uniforms, AND I love pictures, so you know I was in!

Where I’m from, football season is a great big deal. To me, it’s the ONLY sports season. I’m not talking soccer. I’m talking American Football. Big men in pads and helmets crashing into each other and slapping each other on the ass. I’m also a huge fan of college football because it’s not as money oriented as the NFL, although I do realize a great many football guys play for scholarships. I always root for my team, the Texas Longhorns. [This is bad because I live with an Aggie!] So I was really excited to go out and find a good Longhorns cheer uniform.

Turns out? Not so easy.

Tymmerie and I hopped all over the grid looking for decent uniforms for our chosen teams, but never really did find any. She found one place that had college cheer uniforms, including mine, but it was just so badly made, I couldn’t shell out the bucks for it. Since she couldn’t find her team, she went with just the colors. I was going to do that as well. I guess it’s hard to find college teams because of the logo thing? But there are a LOT – A LOT – of NFL logos out there. I’m just sayin’.

But by the time we got ready for the picture, it had gone down to cheer uniforms for whatever team you like. This was good for me because I never miss a chance to get on the blue & white for my chosen NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. [Shut up, you can suck it.] We were joined by Rylan, Ari, Magen, and Amanda and headed over to a pretty nice football field.

However, this football field was infested by little boy “gangstas.” We’re guessing the approximate age of these kids was about 15 years old.

Where I come from, when you take the field, you should try to prove that you’re a winner, not go out there and show off how much of a loser you are.


It was pretty bad. And of course with SL issues, we had to stick around for a while so everyone could get dressed and rez and since we couldn’t drop anything [don’t ask me how they got that car down], we had to try to position ourselves. I was 10 kinds of distracted with all the fug and mess!!


Why the flame?

Uh, no.

Move it.

But, eventually we were able to get it all together and came up with a cute group shot. 🙂


I don’t know if there’s ever been such diverse group cheerleader shot ever…but hey, we like to step outside the box once in a while.


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