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I’m supposed to be putting some photos together for a review post, but after looking at them in Photoshop, I realize I really wore the wrong shoes for one of the dresses. But rather than get re-dressed and re-shoot the photo, I’m eating some Halloween candy [yes, early. Don’t judge.] and thinking about a project Sophia and I are putting together. If you follow either of us on Plurk, you already know about it. If not…well, you’ll just have to wait and see. I’m soooooo excited about it!! It’s going to be something completely different to anything we’ve done in SL before. And this is where Plurk comes in super handy, because when we asked for help, we got someone totally awesome to work with us on our project. It’s going to be a blast. I think it’s going to be awesome – I hope you guys do too. 🙂

Soph brought up that our project could have been fun if an old friend of ours could have done it with us. It was funny to me that she brought it up, because I’ve been thinking a lot about this person lately. I guess sometimes it doesn’t matter how much a person hurts you, you can still miss them.

It looks like I’m about to have a large parcel [8448sqm, 1933 prims] opening up on the island. If you’re looking for land [residential, not commercial], just IM me in world and I’ll show it to you. Great view, great neighbors. It’s a wonderful parcel if you don’t like just flat land. I didn’t realize it was going to be open, but that’s SLife? LOL

I have a feeling there’s going to be lots of Halloween sales & events this coming week. I’m excited for that. I’m SUPER excited that I am DJing the Thorne-Darwin Halloween party this Wednesday night. They always have the best parties, and I got a chance to see the party location earlier. It wasn’t absolutely finished up yet, but it looked great!

I have a feeling I’m just procrastinating on going to bed at this point, so I think I’ll wrap this up and actually wander into the bedroom. :-p

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