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Girl, get your bloggin’ on!

As I’m getting ready for my 30 Days of Thanks & Blogs, I keep coming across all kinds of things I want to talk about NOW. But I keep telling myself to save it, because I’ve gotten writer’s block before, and how sad would it be if I ran out of things to say on day 5?

But, I do want to talk about something today. Now, I’m not a marketing professional, I don’t have a degree in business, nothing like that. But I am HIGHLY susceptible to marketing. Hell, sometimes all a person has to do is mention cheeseburgers, and I’m running out the door to McDonalds.

However, I get annoyed by bad marketing really easily. Tell me you are having a sale, and it’s very likely that I will run to check it out. Tell me you’re having a sale EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES FOR THREE HOURS and I will run to your store to get OUT of your subscribe-o-matic or trip over my own fingers to get out of your group.

There are stores in SL that apparently went to the Lemania Indigo “Girl, get your spam on” Academy of Marketing. This doesn’t make people want to shop at your store! In fact, it comes off as so desperate, people start to wonder why you feel the need to remind people very 30 minutes that you exist.

[Also? You don’t want to be compared to Lemania Indigo. Ever.]

I had to leave a SoM yesterday because I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I think the designers of the store are very talented, and at one point I think I had bought every single dress the place had to offer, but enough was enough. It wasn’t even just daily notices anymore, they were flying in sometimes more than 3 times a day. I can’t do that. It annoys me. All I was doing was declining their flurry of notecards and textures anyway.

If I’m in your group/SoM – tell me when you have new releases, tell me when you have a sale, and maybe award me for being in your group with a gift now and then. Put your store in your picks and maybe do the $50L classified too so it’s easier for me to see, and honey, you will have a customer for life. That’s my $2L on it.

In other news, I’m going to be one of the Shoe Expo bloggers!! I’m really excited about it because I’ve never done expo blogging before. I hope I don’t make an ass out of myself. But…hey, even if I do, it’s entertainment. LOL

Last night was the Thorne-Darwin Halloween party and it was a BLAST! I had such a good time. Lalo Telling took pictures, which you can see in his Picasa album. But I’ll show my picture off because I love it. 🙂

I’m sure there’s other pictures out there because it was a PACKED house and it was mostly bloggers and plurkers, so I know there’s more pics out there. 🙂

I don’t usually DJ two nights in a row, but I couldn’t resist when my friend Gwendolyn asked if I would like to come DJ at the Jittery Junco Coffee House for their Halloween party tonight. I’ll be there at 7pm SLT tonight for about an hour or so. If you want to get more use out of your costume, I’d love to see you there! The actual theme is League of Extraordinary Dorks, so come nerdy if you want, or just come! 🙂 Gwen said she’s not being nerdy, but heck, I think I might.

I think it’s time to sneak some Halloween candy!

3 thoughts on “Girl, get your bloggin’ on!

  1. I think I might know what group you're talking about and yeah it is annoying.

    Oh and from last week glad you liked the butterflies I totally ran around with them too 🙂

    And the post below-yeah totally me too.

    Bit behind on stuff LOL-Have a great Halloween!

  2. I know that Bliss is having a sale. And this is todays release and this is last weeks release. And this is what we have on sale tomorrow. And this is another notecard in case you didnt get the last one. And we'll send it again tomorrow just in case. And heres another one, theres a sale, dont you know?

    I'm one more notecard away from leaving the group.

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