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Ok, I admit it. I’m running out of things to talk about. Big time. :-p Well, that’s not EXACTLY true. I have a couple of things in my mind, but they’re going to require actual research, so I’ve been putting them off for a bit. Luckily, my friends are pretty smart. Jerremy suggested that I revisit one of the first places I explored when I started blogging. That sounded pretty good to me, but then I discovered a problem. In my early early blogposts? I rarely put SLurls. Oops. Then I thought I’d just look at the earliest landmark I had. Well…at some point I’d boxed up a LOT of of my landmarks. Oops again!

But, I did have one to a place called Thursday’s Fictions. I remember it being SO cool the first time I stumbled across it. And it was still kind of cool, I guess. This sign made me laugh.

Oh no!

It’s still kind of fun to go through it, if you have a few minutes to kill.

So then I thought I’d go back to my old home from when I started this blog and the $5L A Day Project, the Isabel Infohub.

If you’re new to SL or you ever find yourself homeless, you can go to pretty much any of the Infohubs and set it to home, if you didn’t know this. The one at Isabel is kind of cool because there’s usually a bunch of people out there and I used to have some really good conversations out there. And some pretty dumb ones.

The usual types were out there. Like…

Newbie Guy with Beer

His eyes!

And Badly Dressed Girl Who Isn’t QUITE New But Maybe Just Has Bad Taste.

Well..she was nice at least.

She was nice, though. She IMed me to tell me she liked my sweater. I almost offered to take her for a makeover, but I got scared when they started crowding around me.

Isabel Infohub

Yeah, I totally ran.

I wish I could say I was productive in my little adventure, but I was not. But at least it got me off the wall. :-p

Ali’s Thanks of the Day: I’m thankful that I can see where I’ve been, because it makes me that much more grateful for where I am now.

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