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Don’t take my pics!!!!!!

I would just like to say that my photos that appeared in this post on the Herald were not approved by me for use. I was not asked if they could use them, and if someone else hadn’t told me they were there, I probably wouldn’t have seen them because I don’t read the Herald unless someone points me over there to see something. If you want to use my photos, the least you can do is give me credit for them, even if they’re just plain snapshots.


I’ve got so much I should be doing right now. lol

And hey! Did you know the Shoe Expo is going on? 🙂 I’m doing a 2 hour set out there at 3pm SLT, if you feel like coming out to look at shoes and/or want to hang out with me.

Oh. It’s 2:30. I guess I should get my ass in gear.

4 thoughts on “Don’t take my pics!!!!!!

  1. That kind of crap pisses me off. I prefer people ask if they can use my photos/images, but if they at least credit me and/or link back to where they found them, I'm good. Using your photos and posting a note of “All your photos are belong to us.” is shoddy as heck, and yeah, illegal. I have seriously filed complaints to webhosts for that before, and forced a removal of the stolen images, because it's the principle of the matter. Stealing is not right; no matter how big or how small, it still makes you a thief, and your claiming the stolen images as your own makes you a liar as well.

  2. If they had used them and put the black bar over my eyes, I would have NOTHING to say right now. But the fact that they took them and said they belong to the Herald now is just bad form.

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