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Day 80 – I could talk forever, but I refuse to spam.


We’re switching over to grass this coming weekend on the island. Yay, no more snow!! After running all over trying to find a decent spring grass texture, the most awesome Aisuru created grass for us. I briefly placed it down on the sim earlier and it’s so so bright and pretty! I can’t wait to get rid of this snow.

Bleh, I just had a whole big diatribe written about how I choose what to blog on my fashion blog, but it doesn’t matter. I blog what I want in my own time, unless specifically asked to blog a limited time offer or sale. If I’m blogging the same thing as 80 other people on the same day, so be it. I usually am not quite aware of it because I’m not a huge fashion feed reader. I tend to just stick with the bloggers I enjoy so I don’t have to see someone sporting bling or an ugly shape or something like that. I’m sure there are many others the same way. I’ll glance through on occasion if I feel like shopping, but that’s about it. I tend to rely on my friends and Plurk to tell me where to shop. lol

Some people have asked me how my time in Dragon Age went. Well, I really really enjoyed the game! It made me laugh, it made me cry [Oh my god, Alistair breaking up with my character? Heartbreaking!], and I was very proud when I won. And if the damn thing hadn’t crashed out at the very end, I would have loved to have seen the ending. LOL But I was very upset that I couldn’t become queen just because I wasn’t of noble birth and I was an elf. There are elven princesses, I swear!! So as soon as I won that round, I restarted with a new character.

Dragon Age, new character

That’s actually not the most flattering picture. She’s quite pretty normally. This is my human noble of the warrior class. Royal, pretty, and can kick your ass. How sexy is that? It’s still fun, because the storyline is a bit different with her. So even though I’m going through the same places, it’s slightly different.

Ugh, remind me not to look at plurk while I’m blogging. I start coming up with too much stuff I want to bitch about.

One thought on “Day 80 – I could talk forever, but I refuse to spam.

  1. Yay for switching from snow.

    I can officially say that if I ever see anymore snow (in either realm) I will be disappointed.

    I hate snow. Hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it.

    Did I mention that I'm not so keen on snow?

    /me has had enough of it for one winter! 😉

    So good call on the switch!

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