Day 113 – Fabulous, darling!

I had the chance to model for Eboni Khan of House of Hucci today for the Fabulous Fashion show. It was fun!! And made for a great 113th photo. Holy cow, 113. LOL


I grabbed a few more shots after the show. I apologize for the low quality, I had my settings turned down so that I wouldn’t crash.

Fabulous Fashion, Vintage, Dot, Gynni

Fabulous Fashion, Katey, Moo, me

Fabulous Fashion, 3/1/2010

Big thanks to Eboni for allowing me to model for her!! Fabulous Fashion shoots every Monday at 6pm SLT. It’s truly a fun experience, and I highly suggest you check it out!


One thought on “Day 113 – Fabulous, darling!

  1. This post is cool but mainly I started laughing like a lunatic at your quote of the moment — and I'm at work, so it's like, “why is that weird new chick giggling alone in her office again?”

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