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Day 115 – Just another day

Oh, just another random day.

So you all know I’m not THAT big into hunts. But when I heard SEVEN different people talking about how horrible it was to find the hammer for location #2 for the builder’s hunt, the minute someone posted the SLurl, I ran to get it because I was told that the creator has moved it before.

Um. This pose? Not worth all the moving and crap.

Hunt pose

Not to mention, this is a builder’s hunt, meaning the items given are things that you can use for building and creating – you know, textures and copy/trans poses and sculpt maps, things like that. If you throw the poseballs to the ground and pull out the poses, THEN you can use them. But the whole thing itself, no copy, no transfer. That, combined with how hard it was for people to find, has led a lot of people to either give up the hunt or they’ve marked the store [jeaniesing’s Things & Animations] on their DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE EVER AGAIN list. So uh, way to go, Jeaniesing?


I was out doing some Hump Day Happiness shopping and encountered this person. I absolutely LOVED their avatar! So much, in fact, that I had to snap a quick picture.

Cool av!

See? I’m not just always looking at blingy crazy avatars. I notice when someone looks awesome too. :-p But for real, this av is great.


I finally made it over to the China sim. I have to say…stunning. I forget what Windlight setting I used for this picture, but omg, I just loved the place. So so pretty. But don’t wear shoes with invisiprims. The floor looks weird with them. I went barefoot. And no post-processing was done on this picture aside from making it slightly smaller. I think it’s perfect as is. 🙂


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