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Day 118 – Knee deep

Spring is most definitely hitting my neck of the woods. And with it, I feel the “winter shell” that hardens around me each year cracking off of me, piece by piece. It’s a wonderful feeling.

However, with spring blooming around here, I’ve got allergies like a biiiiiitch. And I think too many people have been hit with my “I’m all hyped up on meds” IMs tonight. I’m sorry.

The fantastic Rayvn Hines of Mudhoney released her new low prim furniture set tonight. When the Linden Homes came out, we’d mentioned on plurk that furniture designers would do good if they made some full sets of furniture for less than 117 prims. Rayvn is the only one who stepped up to the challenge so far, that I know of. She sent me the Naturals set tonight. I rezzed it all out. It’s soooo cute.


I think it came to 112 prims altogether, I’m not at the house right now to check. But it’s amazing. Seriously. I’m going to blog it for the style blog after I finish getting everything placed.

Time for more meds.

2 thoughts on “Day 118 – Knee deep

  1. Oooh, that furniture set is super cute!! I should go check it out. 🙂

    And I'm with you… I'm so excited for spring. It's still a little cold up here but the sun is out and some of the flowers are just beginning to come up, and everything just seems brighter and happier and so much more optimistic. 🙂

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