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Day 123 – Hey…I can’t see Russia from here!

I really want to extend a very grateful thank you to my plurk buddies for having to deal with The Saga of the Pants today. And last night. LOL! I don’t know why it’s not acceptable to wear stretchy yoga pants everywhere. Gosh.

Anyway, after a very long, busy day, I took advantage of my press pass and hit up the SL Clothing Fair, which opens tomorrow!! This year, there are 8 sims [and one central sim] that are all kinds of fashionable places, like New York, Milan, London, etc. The builds are pretty cool! But immediately upon entering the central sim, I was lost.


So, I just started walking and ended up in London. Well, first, I crashed. But when I came back, and changed my clothes, I ended up in London.

Clothing Fair - London

After running around London for a time, I somehow managed to make my way to Milan. I crashed when I headed in. But that’s ok, because an outfit change and a relog later, and I was happily in Italy!

Clothing Fair - Milan

I was promised a McDonalds. 😦 Oh, but that’s ok, because hey! There’s my friend Shiryu’s store!

Clothing Fair - Oh who's the hot girl?

Wow, who’s the hot girl he got to model the bikinis? I wonder…

From Milan, it was a quick hop over to Rio de Janeiro. Who knew you could see Milan from Rio??

Clothing Fair - I can see Italy from Rio!

I am learning geography!

I’m also learning that something is wrong with my computer, because I crashed.

Visiting Rio needs a fun dress, so I stopped at Mischief, which is there on the Rio sim, and picked up this colorful little number. I think it’s perfect for partying in Rio, don’t you??

Clothing Fair - Rio de Janeiro

Hey, I know that store! That’s my new friend Twinky Jinxing’s place! I love when I discover my plurk friends’ shops!!

Clothing Fair - Hey, it's Twinky's store!

I guess I partied a little too hard in Rio, because somehow I managed to find myself in Paris.

Clothing Fair - Paris

But then I crashed.

I guess tomorrow I’ll hit up New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, and New Dehli. I always did want to travel!

2 thoughts on “Day 123 – Hey…I can’t see Russia from here!

  1. You know I was thinking he did go ON about the McDonalds, didn't Shiryu? Where IS the fucking McDonalds? I wanted some fries…..

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