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Day 133 – Blessed

As most people know, I do a fair amount of care for my elderly parents, which is also why I do not work currently. Part of this care means that I’m available by phone 24/7. My mom took full use of this today when she called me at 6:30am freaking out because she woke up disoriented and thought it was Sunday and wondered what happened to my dad. [Nothing happened, he was at work.] She goes in for a stress test tomorrow and she’s been freaking out all weekend, which I keep telling her is not good for her heart. But she’s a natural worrier like me, and we get anxious fairly easily. 4 phone calls later, I managed to get her calm enough to eat and laugh. It’s what I do.

However, this left me pretty edgy and itchy on my own. And it amazes me that without having to say a single word, my SL friends manage to make me forget all about that for a few hours and make me laugh so so much. Where would I be without them?

So what happened?


This is Ford. Ford is the newest resident of Bluebonnet, and he came over earlier to pay rent. [I don’t believe in rental boxes since I figure it just takes up a prim & there’s not that many of us over here anyway.]

This is Ford.

He’s working on his new house, so he had to have the hat and tool belt on. It’s how it is, yo.

Later, I was taking Nigel on a spin around the island and we traveled past Ford’s new place. He, however, was sitting in the grass, the big Away sign glaring over his head. Well, you just never know when a storm or something will hit, so I pulled out my old AFK House and put him in it.

Ford went AFK, so I gave him a house.

Then Nigel and I paddled away like hell!

A little bit later, Sophia IMed me laughing, asking if I’d heard him scream. Hehe. Nope.

He came over to yell at me.

He came to yell at me.

But I welcomed him to Bluebonnet. I don’t think he was mad anymore after that.

Who would be?

I welcomed him to the island.

Later, I was up in the fun skybox, chatting on Skype, and making sure all the trivia cards were working in the trivia ball [Party tomorrow night at 8pm!!] when Sophia asked me if I wanted to see her dance in her 2006 glory. Hell yes.

I tarted up too, and just as I did, Fricker came by the island to say hi. So we danced in front of the trailer. You know how WE do.

You know how we do.

I couldn’t stop laughing, as my Skype buddy would tell you. He must have listened to me giggle incessantly for 30 minutes. I’m sorry.

I caught this photo. I think it’s perfect for my 133rd.


Oooh gurrrrl…that’s some HAIR.

Later, Gos stopped by to see the island and to see Soph and me looking horrible. But I don’t have pictures because… well, because I don’t. šŸ˜€

I am so so blessed in Second Life, sometimes I can’t believe it. šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Day 133 – Blessed

  1. That's a wonderful welcome, no one could resist it! I hope Ford doesn't drop a hammer on his bare foot.

    Would it be possible to make appointments for your mom rather than have her make them, so she wouldn't worry about them in advance? Then that day shortly before it is time to get ready, just say you have an appointment today mom.

    Or perhaps he could give you something to relax her to take in the days leading up to the appointments she would naturally worry about.

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