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Ok, let’s start with the good. I took this picture earlier tonight sitting in my backyard and chatted with people in IM and Skype and Plurk. It’s been quite the lazy day for me in SL, except for chatting. šŸ™‚


And now for the bad.

What the hell? Can the “teeth skin” thing just DIE? I was shown this skin earlier in plurk, and I had to run and get the demo because the shape that it was on wasn’t very good. I thought maybe it would look better on me.


Oh helllllllll no.

The lips without the teeth weren’t much better. In fact, they were very very Bratz. But maybe not actually Bratz. Maybe whatever the knock off Bratz is.

No. Teeth. On. Skins.

If you can show me one with teeth that doesn’t look deformed, I will eat my words, but dios mio.

I’m going back to chatting.

6 thoughts on “Day 135 – TEEEEEEEEEEEEETH!!!!!

  1. I concur! I don't know what people's fascination with looking like jack-rabbits all of a sudden is all about. I admit I've seen some cute pictures of people with the Vive9 skins (although I don't know how much photoshop went into them) but every time I see them actually on someone in world they're just kinda creepy.

    And, gorgeous picture by the way! (The first one, I mean.)

  2. The teeth skins are frightening. I've demod the vive9 ones and the ons awhile back from milk motion, and the new thing from tik tok… ick. It's so unflattering and it doesn't look 3dimensional at all.

    and yet like another commenter here I see pictures where they look nice on other people. *shrug*

  3. Um..yeah, I have been wondering about the teeth think myself. It's good to know that I am not the only one that thinks WTF?? Sorry I like to see my avi's teeth with a smile animation only, and even then it gets creepy. šŸ˜€

  4. You might want to check those from Den-Dou Skins, they're the only ones looking really really natural and nice. I don't use them myself but compared to the pic of your demoskin, it's really a whole different world xD

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