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Day 175 – He’s a good cuddle buddy

Have you all met Nigel? He’s been living on Bluebonnet for a while now, ever since wandering home with me from where he had been living and working as a racer. He’s pretty quiet…he barely makes a peep. But whenever I need someone to just sit on while I do blog posts or anything, he lets me sit on him. I love Nigel.


I was working again on the party ball today. I want it to be very close to our original one, but I cannot find the texture I used to have in the old one!! So I guess we’ll see. LOL I cannot wait for the party. I think it’s going to be so fun! 7pm SLT, and I’ll get the SLurl out tomorrow on plurk and here, or just IM me in world and I’ll get you over there. 🙂

I’m busy watching Jerseylicious now, so I have to go.

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