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Day 177 – Pick Me Up

Sometimes you just need someone to pick you up. 🙂


Speaking of pick me ups, I think I might need one. I found out tonight that ETD has closed down. 😦 Now, granted, it’s been a while since I’ve worn ETD hair myself, although my alt was down there just a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still incredibly sad to see it go. I used to be SUCH the ETD girl. I think I have over 80 styles from there. I had to go see the sim for myself. It was so sad.

Goodbye, ETD.

Although I wasn’t actively shopping there anymore [having bought everything I wanted], I liked knowing it was there.

I think I need to go buy myself something pretty now.

2 thoughts on “Day 177 – Pick Me Up

  1. That's so sad. Etd was the first hair I actually spent Lindens on. I don't wear it often but I would pull out the cute ponytail I have once a while. Her discount room was always crowded. Was there a reason?

  2. i hate losing standards 😦 i always send newbies there cause they had the cheap hair wall. there was still hair i wanted from there that i had not gotten *cries* i hope she comes back.

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