Day 182 – Trivia!

I know my header is totally off center now. lol I was playing around with the new template designer thingy for blogger and now it’s all jacked up. But it’s almost summer, so I really need a new one anyway.

Tonight was Trivia Tuesday on Bluebonnet. 🙂


I love when we have trivia games! I learn so much. But next time…I think we’ll have to skip the 90’s general trivia. LOL

I’m fighting with viewer 2.0 right now. If I’m not taking pics of water, I adore the photos. Antialiasing works like a dream. But the water looks like hell. I don’t get it. And unfortunately, that is a huge deal breaker, especially since I do take so many pics in front of water.

Yawning like mad now, so I guess it’s bedtime.


One thought on “Day 182 – Trivia!

  1. i'm having the same problem with viewer 2. everything looks great except for water, it looks all weird and funky. I hope that gets fixed soon. in the meantime, i've downloaded Emerald to use when i want to take snapshots. i hope the water thing gets fixed soon.

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