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Day 196 – HEY! GUESS WHAT??

Me: Hey Dinosaur, guess what?

Dino: They’re bringing back My Name Is Earl?!

Me: Uh, no. Although that WOULD be awesome!

Dino: Right??

Me: But no, really, guess what?!

Dino: If you say “chicken butt” I’m…


Dino: Okay…what?

Me: It’s a very special day today.



Happy birthday, darling Em!! I adore you to bits and pieces, and I hope your year is full of fun, laughter, and love. Or at least a lot of REALLY HOT MEN. LOL!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

4 thoughts on “Day 196 – HEY! GUESS WHAT??

  1. OMG – LMAO!!!! I was wondering how so many people knew it was my birthday! I love you, Ali! And not just because you snuck in and decorated the HELL out of my HOUSE!! ♥

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