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The Written Word

If you’re looking for the sign up post for the challenge, it’s right here. That’s also where the first topic is as well, if you need that. 🙂

It’s kind of humbling when people like an idea you’ve had. The first year that we did the challenge, I was almost positive that it was going to be me and Cen and that was about it. Last year, I knew I had a few others who wanted to do it again, but I wasn’t prepared for as many as we had do it. This year we’ve already got 50 blogs on the list. It makes me feel completely honored that people still WANT to do this. That they have ideas, that they’re dusting off blogs that have been silent for months, that they are excited about what started off as something that just sprung out of my head one day after being bored that no one was posting.

I have always been a writer. From the time I COULD write, I have written. Of course, as a child, I wasn’t particularly careful with my things [I was kind of clumsy] and I don’t have most of the notebooks and diaries anymore, which makes me sad. My mom and I actually used to get in fights because my nose was always stuck in a book or I was writing, and I’m fairly sure some of those papers and books ended up in the trash. I know, who gets mad at their kid for reading and writing? But, it was the way it was.

When I was 15, I got my first computer. Oh at last! I could keep a journal ON the computer! And it would be safe! Forever! Um, yeah, I didn’t know squat about computers. At some point it simply broke, and we threw it out – along with my journal of 3 years inside. The funny part is that I can still remember bits and pieces of almost every entry I wrote. The unfunny part is that someone may have ended up finding my hard drive and my journal and laughed themselves into a heart attack reading about how my first boyfriend French kissed me on the walk home from school and I didn’t swallow or open my mouth until I got home and spit and brushed my teeth 3 times. It was my first French kiss! I wasn’t prepared for his tongue in my mouth! Three days later, I was totally ready!

Anyway… I have always written, I have always documented my life. Not for anyone else. Even now in SL, I don’t really write for anyone else. [Except for the style blog, but even that, it’s really more for me.] I always write for me. If someone enjoys what I have to say, then that’s wonderful. If they don’t, then you know, you just can’t please everyone. Right now I also have two “real life” journals. One does not get much attention anymore, the other one is a little more personal and is just me talking about things I’m going through regarding weight loss. I have a paper journal as well, but it really does not receive much attention anymore.

Writing to me is like breathing. It’s never occurred to me to NOT write. Whether I’m writing a journal, a blog post, a poem, a short story, whatever it is…I write. It keeps me sane. It makes me happy. It is my therapy and my hobby and my love all at once. And when you find something that you love that much, you really should stick with it. At least, that’s what I think.

One thought on “The Written Word

  1. I think you're doing a wonderful job writing, and it is nice to put your thoughts on paper, to read it years later with a little smile, or to just write it all off your soul if things are bothering.

    For me, writing and reading has always been some sort of escape from the real world. It's like, sitting in a noisy train, and the moment you open the book and start reading, all the noises vanish around you.

    I'm thankful for the given opportunity of Challenges, often enough I have days where nothing seems important enough to be written down, so a bit of inspiration by given topics is a great help 🙂 Keep it up 🙂

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