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Words & Thoughts

What’s on my mind today…

I’m really worn out today. Again. I suppose I’ll make a doctor’s appointment for next week because honestly? Two weeks of barely making it through the day is starting to get a little ridiculous. I’m moody and tired and I can’t sleep and I haven’t been to the gym in over a week because of all of this. Ree-dic-yoo-lous.

Ulaa and I were talking and she had the idea of a “dig it out” challenge, where we don’t shop for a week and just make outfits using what we can dig out of our inventories. I think it sounds like fun. Last night we were standing around inventory sorting [well, more like inventory deleting] and I was finding all these boxes that have never been opened. Of course, then I got the guilt, because a lot of these were review copies. Damn.

I hate to admit it, but I miss having someone to snuggle with in SL at night.

For some reason, I have the song “Karma Police” in my head at the moment. Gotta say, not a fan of the song. I’d almost rather have “Karma Chameleon” in my head.

I wonder if it’s okay if I go lay down in bed and play Angry Birds. But with my luck, I’d be almost done with a hard level and the phone would ring.

Sophia just text messaged me to see if I want to go with her to find a new house. Prefab shopping? And she has to ASK?

I need a shower.

I really need something to blog for the style blog. I wanted to do a style post a day for the challenge, but I didn’t realize the challenge would take up so much time this year since we have almost 100 bloggers. I can’t believe so many people wanted to do it this year. I’m so so happy about it. This challenge is my baby, and the fact that others want to participate makes me so happy.

Ooh, I wonder if Pretty Little Liars is on Hulu yet.

I wonder if the whole Lindex thingy is going to affect tier next month. I wonder if it does, if other land owners are going to up the rent. I’d hate to do that to my renters, but I could see other land owners doing it.

Hm, I should remember to tell the Bluebonnet residents that we’ll be switching over to a beach terrain in a couple of weeks. I guess if they read this, they now know.

I’m starving. I don’t want another bowl of boring like I had last night. I think I need to figure out something better to make tonight for dinner.

Shower…food…Oh snap, Pretty Little Liars IS on Hulu!

2 thoughts on “Words & Thoughts

  1. Bowl of boring makes me sad. Come over, we can go have Mexican and drink too many margaritas.

    It took me dancing in a bikini for an hour around you, Al and ulaa to realize you were sorting inventory last night. No really, I am observant.

    I seriously need a new house. I have a zillion but I am so over old memories and am looking for new ones. Hopefully ones that involve me sitting on pose stands inside them for hours as I try on new skin after new skin. Bliss.

    I'd cuddle you at night if I wasn't busy standing on my pose stand. Plus it just isn't the same since I won't make out with you.

    I know someone who will…oh magnusssssss…..

    Ill be home in an hour and we will go shopppinggggg.

    muah muah muah…kisses for youuuuu


  2. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I have been feeling a similar way this last week and it sucks to feel so tired and run down constantly. I hope you feel better soon.

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