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The BBBC 2010 Wrap Up

Well everyone, we did it! We reached the end of another challenge. Some people asked why it’s only 6 days. My answer is… Did you really want to write on a Saturday? :-p Except for the NZ bloggers, who did have to end on Saturday since my Sunday is their Monday. Time zones. Such silly things. Some people are continuing to go because they want to complete all 6 topics but weren’t able to post every day, and that’s cool, too!

I wanted to thank all of the bloggers who participated. We ended with 97 blogs on the blogroll, which is wildly impressive to me! There were 25 bloggers in 2008, and 67 in 2009. We just keep growing as a blog community and I think that is an excellent thing. Your contributions to the SL community are outstanding as bloggers, never never think they are not. I was so happy that so many participated this year! People wrote outside of their comfort zone, they found that they DO have something to say, and they fell back in love with writing. It’s amazing to me when someone who came into this kind of just to do it comes to me and says, “I didn’t realize I had so much to say! I’m going to keep blogging!” I seriously could not ask for more than that.

The blogroll will be up until tomorrow, and then left here for the rest of the year, although under my normal blogroll and of course not as expanded as it is now. The 2008 & 2009 blogrolls are also still here, but they’ll be moved around. I encourage all of you to check out all the blogs on the list at least once. There are blogs that were in the challenge this year that I had never heard of before, but I think they’ll be finding their way into my regular blog reading. We have such a blend of writers in our blog world, with so many different ideas and experiences. It’s simply wonderful.

Will I do this again next year? Oh God, you bet I will. I will continue doing the challenge every June until I’m no longer a blogger. You all give me so much inspiration, I couldn’t imagine NOT doing it.

So that’s my final post on the BBBC 2010. Life goes back to normal now. Well, as normal as things get. šŸ˜‰ I love you, bloggers and readers! ā™„

4 thoughts on “The BBBC 2010 Wrap Up

  1. Hey Alicia!!! Thanks for doing this, and for letting me know about and participate in it!!! I think this was the jump start I needed! MUWAH!!! (girlkiss)

    I also soooo appreciate you on my Plurk TL. You always bring me a ray of sunshine. (cozy) (heart)

    See you on the grid!! Xxxses N Hugz!


  2. I liked the challenge, it's fun to not have to think of something to write but stick to given themes or questions (kind of like interviews). Reading the other participants blogs has been fun too ^_^ Count me in for next time too x)

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