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Day 232 – Sunsets & Bad Hostesses

I spent most of the day working around on island. Not so much on the more open spot, but on my little area around my house. The best part? From the window of bedroom #2, which has a more beachy feel to it, there’s a great view of the sunset.


After working hard, Ulaa and I went and got BEDAZZLED. LMAO! Oh how could we resist jeweled pants? No one could! We grabbed Garrett and went to try to find a club to get kicked out of. Unfortunately, it’s hard to go be an ass when the people are so unprepared for battle. I told the caps locked hostess she was on Billy Mays mode, and it went right over her head. So we just danced.

Dance time

Yeah… that’s a Navi or whatever the heck they’re called behind us. I don’t get it either. I also know that if I don’t leave this club soon [we’re still here], I might kick this hostess in the face. Word to any hosts out there, or future hosts – Don’t use only gestures when trying to host, don’t continually tell people you’re having an eargasm or tunegasm, and for the love of Phil, don’t tell people to get the lube so you can fuck the club in the … Yeah. Not cool.

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