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Day 244 – Oh look at how she rambles

It was one of those days that I just wasn’t in SL much. In fact, if Sophia hadn’t reminded me, I wouldn’t have run in to snap this photo really fast.


I’m looking forward to this weekend. Things are just…so good. The anxiety ridden crazy girl in me tells me “Watch out! The other shoe will drop! Things haven’t been good in years, it won’t start now!” But the other part of me…the optimist that I used to be for so much of my life… she’s telling me differently. My parents are, for the first time in years, doing pretty darn good. My mother doesn’t call me crying at 3am anymore. In fact, I can go a couple of days now without hearing from her, and when I do call, she tells me that they’re just fine. I know that their health is still not great, being that they’re 65 and 72 and they have aches, pains, and all of that. But to hear “We’re fine!” is a good thing. In fact, they’re doing so well, my mom said I should just stay home and out of the heat this weekend, rather than drive over to see them. I can live with that.

I went out with my best friend of almost 15 years tonight. Just dinner, since her day had already been long enough. Sometimes when we’re together, I look at her and think, “How did we get here? How is it that we’re still this close?” I told her next month is our “freniversary.” It was sometime in late August when we were sitting in geometry class together, never having spoken a word to each other despite both being in the band, when she asked if she could see the football schedule I was holding. I wish I would have kept it. If I had known that such a small thing would have brought me someone who is basically my sister, I would have kept it.

Oh, look at me. I’m rambling on and on. I took something a little while ago to help me sleep, and I guess it’s relaxed me more than I thought. lol Sorry about that. 🙂

So Second Life… yeah, what can I say? It’s amazing lately. The people I’ve gotten close to, the new people I meet, everything. It’s wonderful. Oh, I’m not saying there aren’t things I wouldn’t change. Or that I don’t sometimes get stabbity over this or that. But for the most part, it’s just good. I wish others had my SLife sometimes, so that they could feel as loved and as happy there as I do. I see it all the time – the plurks, the blogposts, saying that SL sucks, that they’re always alone, that they’re unhappy. I’m SO NOT. But you know? I put the work in to get my SLife this way. It’s not always perfect, but nothing in life is, and I think that’s okay. Because when something is bad for a bit, when it’s good? Oh…it is so sweet. These days, I never log out of SL without knowing that I am loved. And for someone like me, that is enough to make me eternally grateful for SL.

Okay, I’m REALLY rambling now. LOL I am so sorry! This is why this blog doesn’t appear on any feeds, I think, because when I get going, I could totally write a book on nothing.

Before I go, I was watching So You Think You Can Dance the other night, and there was really just this outstanding dance that made me sit here and cry. The choreographer, Travis Wall, did it for his mom who is going through a lot of health problems. But I think it could be for anyone who wants to help a loved one. It’s beautiful, and doesn’t have much to do with this post, but I thought I’d share. Goodnight. 🙂

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