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Day 245 – The Hangover

Missed another day. Damn! LOL I guess I had good reason. We went to spend the evening with my best friend and her husband. Too many drinks and a game of truth or dare later and… well, let’s just say I was in NO shape to come on last night and do a blog post.

But I need to stop drinking like that because seriously, it puts me out of commission the whole next day. In fact, I have been completely lethargic and uninspired today. Luckily I had someone to be lazy with. Well, I was lazy. He was unwinding from a busy day. Whatever, it’s almost the same thing. :-p


I have to say, though. I have been completely uninspired in the style blog lately. It’s not that I don’t HAVE stuff to blog. I’m just…well, uninspired. Ugh, my hangover is still here. I’ve lost the use of vocabulary. Anyway, I think I’m going to play the Wardrobe Week game with myself this week. It’s an old Mean Girls game, which I’ve never managed to win. lol But it might be enough to get me back in the saddle this week.

I’m tired and tomorrow I need to finish the pictures for my Second Style article, plus do physical world stuff, so I guess it’s time to get in bed.

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