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Day 249 – I roll my heart out like a welcome mat

“Why yes sir, I know all about dic…tation.”


It was another one of those happy, lovely days that there just aren’t enough of in the world. Cute IMs, brief, happy phone calls, talking to my mom and hearing about how well she’s doing, bringing back one of my ultra stylish friends to the island, snickering because “live help” was not much help, laughing even more when a frustrating situation was actually not that bad, watching my SL wifey build something girly & gorgeous, dancing with a sweet man, laughing with my best friend and making her not want to eat a cookie, funny plurks, chatting in my group with the crazy girls… Truly a great day. 🙂

Oh, and laughing because Miss Evil Eviepantsface made me BLING in a picture!

Photo by Evangeline Miles

Is it just me or did she make that dress look better by darkening the skirt?

It’s days like today that make me remember how truly blessed I am. And happy! Oh so happy!

Of course, talk to me tomorrow afternoon when I’m hysterically crying because I have nothing to wear out to a fancy dinner. :-p But then I will go out and I will be happy again. 🙂

Laugh when I feel like it
Cry when I feel like it
That’s just how my life is
That’s how it goes

Oh watch me go
I’m a happy girl
And I’ve come to know
That the world won’t change
Just ’cause I complain
Let the axis twirl
I’m a happy girl

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