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Day 253 – Nothing to gripe at!

I’m in one of those “I really wish I had something huge to bitch about” moods. But I don’t. Things are good. Anything I could gripe about is pretty damn small. I could gripe about how I’m beginning to dislike the one day sales because I keep feeling like I’m missing something and I think creators are truly shooting themselves in the foot now with them. I could bitch about this chick that put me and a bunch of other bloggers on her deliverator list, sent us affiliate vendors and demo packs and the demos expire after 4 hours and looked like they should have expired in 2005. I could even simply just talk smack about how I love HGTV but it makes me want my house done up differently and I have no skills or energy to do all the stuff. But I won’t talk shit about that because HGTV has some freakin’ HOT men on there and that makes up for everything. Seriously. Watch a few shows sometime. The guys are eye candy like mad.

I was taking pics in the new Calypso’s Cave from Belle Belle earlier because before I blog any builds, I take a billion pics BEFORE taking the actual blog pics just to make sure I can get all the angles and stuff right, and this picture was in the middle of a bunch. I went buckwild crazy in Photoshop with it. Suffer through my post processing!!


I think it’s time to curl up with some HGTV and watch some hot men home decorating shows.

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